Artificial Turf Between Pavers

Using Artificial Turf In Between Tiles, Pavers, Concrete etc.

March 10, 20243 min read


Hey there, outdoor design enthusiasts and DIY champions! Today, we're diving into a topic that's as intriguing as it is practical—melding the lush, evergreen charm of artificial turf with the sleek, enduring appeal of hardscapes. Whether it's the cool elegance of marble, the rustic allure of flagstone, or the neat sophistication of pavers, introducing synthetic turf ribbons into your hardscape design not only adds a stroke of green genius but also ups the ante on your outdoor aesthetic.

artificial turf between pavers

Getting It Right from the Ground Up

Embarking on this verdant venture? The first order of business is ensuring you and your client are on the same page. Here’s the scoop on why this isn’t just another landscaping project—it’s a canvas for creativity that demands precision and insight. With multiple quotes likely in your client's hands, it's crucial to illuminate the path to a successful installation, highlighting the importance of minimizing waste and optimizing costs from the get-go.

The Symphony of Coordination: Turf Meets Hardscape

The magic begins when the hardscape maestros lay down the groundwork. But there’s a catch—the structural integrity of your stunning hardscape relies heavily on a solid foundation, often a concrete bed or a meticulously poured exterior edge. This is where things get a tad tricky with our green guest, artificial turf.

Ensuring seamless integration requires a bit of a prelude discussion with your hardscape contractor. The goal? To confirm that the hardscape's edges won’t overshoot your turf's nailing edge. If it does, prepare to get friendly with your saw or drill to make room for those lush ribbons of green.

The Lowdown on Drainage and Durability

Now, let’s talk waterworks—because nobody wants a backyard pool they didn’t ask for. Proper drainage is the linchpin of installing turf ribbons that last and look good without turning your space into a makeshift swamp. Opt for high-quality drainage fill, ensuring it sits just right below the hardscape surface to dodge any potential tripping theatrics.

Compaction is your next best friend, aiming for that 80% sweet spot to prevent any future sagging or settling. Yet, wield your hand tamper wisely to keep the hardscape unscathed. Once compacted, ensure the base is as dry and firm as a well-aged cheese, setting the stage for the turf to be secured without a hitch.

Big Picture, Big Savings

Here’s a pro tip that might seem counterintuitive—go big. Opting for larger sections of turf rather than piecing together smaller strips can save you a ballet of labor, materials, and time. It's like solving a puzzle with fewer, but larger, pieces—simpler, right?

The Takeaway

Merging artificial turf with hardscapes is less about force-fitting two elements and more about weaving a story of texture, color, and form. It’s an invitation to play, experiment, and ultimately create outdoor spaces that beckon for bare feet and leisurely afternoons.

Craving more insights into the world of artificial turf installations? Swing by Amazon to grab a copy of our guide, "Installing and Understanding Artificial Turf," and transform your outdoor projects into masterpieces of green and grace.

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