Artificial grass lawns are a natural for homeowners interested in creating outdoor spaces that serve as centerpieces for their homes. In one fell swoop,

Luxe Blades synthetic turf can give you the best looking lawn you have ever had, and give it to you year-round.

Furthermore, our synthetic lawns lower water bills and maintenance costs so much that your installation will actually pay for itself over time. This is fake grass that plays the part of natural grass better than the real thing. Homeowners have used our synthetic grass as landscaping turf, pet turf for dog runs, playground grass for kid’s play areas, backyard putting greens and more. How will you incorporate our artificial turf into your home?

What if you could have a perfect yard that asked virtually nothing from you in terms of upkeep? This is exactly what we are offering at Luxe Blades. Our synthetic turf lawns promise to give you years and years of beautiful looking grass, and offer a number of great benefits on top of its uncanny resemblance to the real thing. Luxe Blades does not sell used turf, we sell our new turf with our 10 and 15 year warranty.

  • Lux Blades offers a number of artificial grass products for homeowners to choose from that are the most realistic

  • Our artificial lawns are perfect for both front and back yards

  • Our landscaping turf requires no mowing, watering, fertilizing and little maintenance of any other kind

  • Safe for Pets and KidsSave time and money when you install our synthetic grass

  • Enjoy a perfect looking yard year-round, regardless of weather

Isn’t it time you made the switch from natural grass to a Luxe Blades landscape? Make your home/business and your lawn the envy of the neighborhood by switching to our artificial turf Products.

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