Luxe Blades has created a synthetic dog grass system that is certain to keep your pet clean and comfortable while outdoors. We are commited to providing artificial grass surfaces that are cool, comfortable, easy to clean and cost efficient. The Luxe Blades artificial pet grass also drains 3 times more than our standard turf.
We know what an important member of the family your dog is, and we have put a great deal of research and development into creating synthetic grass that addresses the specific needs of pets. From artificial lawns to dog grass runs, our artificial turf products remain the residential and commercial landscaping turf of choice for discerning dog owners.
Here are a few reasons why you should consider Luxe Blades synthetic pet turf and systems:

1. Our artificial lawns remain cool and comfortable even when temperatures warm up
2. No more yellow dog urine spots on your grass

3. The installation of artificial grass means no dirt or mud tracked into the house

4. Dogs can’t dig holes in synthetic grass

5. Our residential landscaping turf is designed to provide odor control using our odor control system

6. Easy clean-up after your dog

7. Little maintenance required

8. Have an Ultimate K9 Drainage Mat for concrete areas and rooftops

9. Luxe Blades artificial grass for dogs can also be installed on patios

When it comes to pet turf, Luxe Blades LLC knows that each pet and its owner have unique needs. We consider everything from the size of your dog to its breed while creating a custom design that addresses your specific needs.

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